Mijia Smart Kettle

  • Reinvent your kitchen.
  • Smart temperature control
  • 304 stainless steelFast boiling
  • Triple-safety features
  • Intelligent water temperature control
  • 304 stainless steel liner
  • Fast boiling
  • Triple safety protection
  • 130mm large diameter integrated interior
  • Minimalistic, exquisite appearance
  • Power cord storage


Boil at just right temperature

Pu’er tea needs boiling water to be more mellow, green tea is best brewed with 80-90°C water, and high water temperature will destroy probiotics and honey’s natural nutrients. Mi Smart Electric Water Kettle temperature control with smart thermostat, operate your remote control kettle via Mi Home APP ( iOS and Android ) with a downloadable app from your phone app store. Not only you can directly set the heating temperature from your mobile phone, but also its extensive functionality allows you to keep the boiled water at a preset temperature.

  • Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Milk Powder

Long lasting temperature keeping

The capability of longest 12 hours of constant temperature, water boiling into 90 degrees of insulation is tested by laboratory, sustainable insulation keeps constants temperature for 12 hours with low power consumption of only 0.532 degrees (Kw/h).

Safer water by design

The parts that are in direct contact with the water, such as the inner lid, top of the lid, and the temperature sensor, all use the high-quality 304 stainless steel material from GB4806 standard. This stainless steel material is very safe and widely used in the medical and food industry, and is not easy to rust, anti- fouling, no odor, easy to clean and so on.

Made of 304 stainless steel 130mm large diameter for easy cleaning.

Comes with a 130mm cover which can be opened up to 80° degrees so that the inside can be accessed for cleaning using the hand. Ordinarily, the cover only opens up to 30 degrees when the open button is pressed but the extension is possible for cleaning.

Perfect tea every time

Mi smart electric water kettle uses a higher quality food grade* PP material to create a body with clean and beautiful lines, a special body surface design optimize the flow of water to prevent the lid
splash hot. Whether it is on the coffee table in the living room or the kitchen counter, or the corner of the desk, its minimalist and refined appearance is beautiful from every angle.

Boils water in minutes

1800W of heating power brings a full pot of water to a boil in 5 minutes, creating healthy cooking and drinking water. Automatic shut-off feature ensures the kettle will never boil dry.

Triple security protections

Mi smart electric kettle provides peace of mind through thoughtful details like an once the water reaches a rolling boil or runs out the kettle will automatically shuts off, additionally, features and well-designed power connector to prevent electric shock.

Cool touch tea kettle

Mi smart electric kettle comes with hollow layer inside which ensures that even when the water is boiling at 100°C, the body doesn’t get more than 40°C hot so you can easily handle filling and pouring of water.

As pure as bottled water

With Mi water purifier, effectively reduce scale

When the water contains impurities such as inorganic salts, bacteria and organic matter, in the high-temperature boiling conditions scale is formed in the kettle. The Mi water purifier can effectively filter bacteria, antibiotics, limescale deposits and heavy metals and other impurities, purify water quality in line with the “national food safety standard, so that your family can drink clean water.