Xiaomi JIMMY JV11 Handheld Vacuum



An ultra-lightweight handheld vacuum that is perfect for apartments and small houses.
  • 2.3KG – Lightweight & portable
  • Powerful Suction – 350W
  • Noise reduction – Low noise with less than 78dBA of sound
  • Anti-mite – Removes deep dust mites and allergens
  • 99% Filtration Separation – Eliminates secondary pollution

Clean Anywhere

The JIMMY JV11 is lightweight and versatile.  You will be able to clean the hard to reach places with ease.

Eliminate Mites

Anti-Dust Mite cleaning mode allows you to rid your sofa, pillows, and beds of mites.

Deep Cleaning

With powerful suction  the JV11 is able to reach deep inside the fibers of your bed or sofa.